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Bujak Nikola

Designer & Developer

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Why choose me for your next project?

Because Web is my passion.
I think that everyone should do what they believe is great work. And the only way to do that is to do what you love.


My design and developement does not know any bounderies and it is universal for all people around the world.


Who says your job should be boring? That is why I am constantly learning new technologies and I like to experiment with them.


For me, web and/or graphic design, and web developement, does not matter, is the most relaxing thing in the whole world.


When you love what you do, you feel fullfilled, and that is why I am creating websites and offering other design services.


My website and logo creation is fast and effective. Dont believe me? Feel free to check out my portfolio section with my clients' review.


Feel free to observe my creation process and your business will develop more as you will be more successful in your field of work.

Take a look at my work so far.

Here is all the more reason to hire me.
Feel free to enjoy my creations.

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Check out some of the reviews that my clients wrote about me and my work.

Hrvoje Cirjak, CEO of 'SEXPLOSIVE' clothing brand in Zadar.

Hrvoje Cirjak

CEO of 'SEXPLOSIVE' clothing brand in Zadar

Nikola Bujak. For a young designer like him, there are only compliments. With his perseverance, dedication and speed he made a huge contribution to the creation of first Zadar street style clothing brand “SEXPLOSIVE”.

I want to recommend Nikola to every future employer because in these hard times it is difficult to find a reliable designer. With his ideas and his work, I am positive that Nikola will dazzle you with every step of the way.

Material Design for Bootstrap - example photo

Aleksandar Ilic

UX/UI Designer

He is young and full of potential. With his great communication skills, good planning abillties and his perfect time organisation, he will quickly resolve any possible issues.

Wide understanding of his work and all the obstacles that may be presented to him. Rated 10/10.

Material Design for Bootstrap - example photo

Predrag "Peca" Ilic

Content Writer

First impression and the most important one, in my humble opinion, is that Nikola Bujak, as a designer, is a "man of action". He appeared out of nowhere(pun not intended) like an Odin's lightning. He does not sit lazy in front of his computer, but instead he searches for new job opportunities like a true freelancer.

Nikola knows how to listen, to realize and to correct ideas as many times as the client needs. It does not matter if it's a graphic or web solution. A great associate for brainstorming, open and available.

About Me

Interested about my skills? Read on.

Who am I and what I do?

Hello, I am Nikola Bujak.
I am a hardworking web designer and developer that will get the job done! Fueled with coffee and inspiration, I am always ready to take on my next project. So, don't look any further, feel free to contact ME via:

What are my skills?

For my projects, I like to use the following tools:

  • CorelDRAW
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
I am able to turn my designs into websites using the following technologies:
  • HTML5
  • CSS3 with animations and responsive design
  • Bootstrap and Skeleton frameworks
  • JavaScript and jQuery

Ready to get started?

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly. I will come back to you within matter of hours to help you.